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Happy pivots

I help exhausted and overwhelmed parents of children who have high needs and trauma gain the tools and skills to create a safe, playful, and loving connection with my 12- week program:  From Worries to Wins: Transforming into a Joyful Parent/Child Connection.


This Parent Coaching is useful for parents when:

  • They need tools or support to keep their children safe.

  • They’re exasperated due to tantrums, defiance, and their own inability to set boundaries.

  • They don’t understand the’ trauma triggers of their kid/s and how to support them.

  • They dread getting up in the morning.

  • They’re inundated with worries of failing as a parent, kids’ future, living up to society's expectations

  • They feel alone in this huge task of parenting or struggling with co-parenting 

  • They don’t have any time for themselves or all their time is spent attending to or regulating their kids


Indredients of this program:

  • Learn tools to manage/avoid your children’s tantrums, opposition, meltdowns, and unsafe behavior. 

  • Learn to make clear requests to build a stronger support system.

  • Look at energy draining issues/situationsand create a new framework for how/where you’d like to spend your time.

  • Create a robust, mandatory self-care plan because you can’t show up as your best self when you’re exhausted, depleted, and overwhelmed. 

  • Explore your parent origin story to bring awareness to existing beliefs, triggers and behaviors in order to break negative parenting cycles and to create a vision for your desired parenting style and how you’d like your relationship with your kid/s to look.

  • Learn mindfulness and self-regulatory skill sets and capacities for yourself.

  • Consciously bring awareness to and celebrate the wins, everyday.

Contact me today with any questions or for and exploratory conversation!

*Also available for speaking engagements, podcasts, blogs, and trainings!! 


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