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Coach Ash


I've the unique experience of living in the Florida Everglades and then North Carolina woods with at-risk teens building huts and going on 21 Day backpack and river trips. Also, I've run inner city programs. I'm a licensed therapist and have been a director of residential program for children with mental health and behavior issues. In my most recent venture, I trained and supervised teams of professionals conducting intensive family therapy in client's homes. 

As a parent of five children and some with significant trauma, I persevered through the late nights, heartache, school issues, hospitals, and mental health professionals. 

Believe me through ALL of these experiences there was blood, sweat, mosquitoes, tears, and bruises. I survived and thrived with the help of training, support, and a plethora of humor. 

All these experiences have deeply positioned me to help parents of children with high needs and trauma backgrounds.


There are now many programs to support children with these issues but many of these programs fall short of supporting the glue of the family, the parents. 

I intend to do just that; contact me to get the support that YOU need.



I'm excited to partner with you to see where your pivots lead you.

                 Enjoy Today, 

Training & Certifications & Experience

  • 20+ years of professionally working with children & families.

  • Transformation Academy Professional Life Coach Certification

  • Wilderness Counselor

  • Trauma Focused CBT

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Model

  • MAPP Training (Massachusetts training for foster parents)

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Conflict Resolution Management

  • Mental Health Counseling (License)

  • Trainer & Educator of family therapy best practices


  • Woodworking- with repurposed wood                                                                (See pic above of me happily covered in saw dust & woodchips)

  • Published Author of Fiction (10 books)

  • Black panther & Alligator whisperer (less relevant here) 

  • Quilting

  • Ax Throwing

  • Reading

  • Hammock Enjoying

  • Avid student on YouTube of any new interest 

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